Monday, May 28, 2012

And I am back!

So, I knew I was going to get bit busy with graduation time around and then us having to head out of town to look for a place to live in what will be our new city this July but I never intended to be away for so long!! I am so so glad to be back and have been working on oh so much lately.  First off the blog has a new look thanks to Kelley at The Grant Life  I really cannot thank her enough for taking the time to create the new look and at no cost to me at all.  It really means a lot being that my business is still very new. Love her creativeness, if you have not stopped by her blog you need to!

My busy times started with surprising my family with a visit to North Carolina.  We were already there looking for a place to live and I thought what a great time to surprise them!  The plan was to go watch my brother's baseball game and bring him some sweet treats for his birthday which was that weekend.  Plans changed quickly as his game was cancelled and my grandfather had to have emergency surgery.  So, we really surprised everyone when we arrived at the hospital after his surgery.  I am glad to report that he made it through surgery and that although we are not totally out of the woods yet we are taking and appreciating one day at a time.  Here are the baseball pops I surprised Allen with:

Then it was time for graduation pops. My younger sister in-law graduated from Emory University so I created these for her:

I then had a request to make some pops/bites with the theme sweets for a sweetie.  So, here is what I came up with for that request:

I then moved onto my Hello Kitty cake pop order for a little girl's birthday.  They were made in vanilla cake and chocolate cake and some had some "bling" on their bows.

I then moved onto a simple yet elegant request for some roses and hearts for an anniversary. And this brings me to my last order of the business. And to complete my busy last few weeks, I was asked to do some red margarita pops for a bachelorette party. Don't they just look so yummy!!

I must say that I do love and am thankful to be busy with my cake pops so keep bringing the orders on and sharing the love!  :)