Sunday, August 28, 2011


So, this weekend I decided to start working on cupcakes. My first batch was an apple streusel cupcake. This one did not require frosting as it has a streusel top but I am already thinking that next time I make them I will add a caramel drizzle to the top for extra yumminess! The second batch I made was a peanut butter cupcake with cream cheese frosting and nuts on top for decoration. Of course with this batch as well I am already thinking of how to make them different and yummy. I would of course get a wider frosting tip to change the look of the frosting but for a first try of the frosting it did not turn out bad at all. Both the batches turned out very well and very tasty if I do say so myself, I will be passing some out to my taste testers tomorrow and I am sure that they will let me know what they think. Stay tuned for more yummy cupcakes to come!! Don't worry there will be more pops as well too. ;)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thank you card

When I got home on Friday I had the cutest, sweetest card waiting for me on the counter. The birthday train boy, Chase had made me a thank you card for the birthday trains I made for his class. It was so thoughtful and sweet of him and his mom to think of me and make the card! I hope to make many more children and parents happy with my sweet treats!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Trains!!

Birthday trains are done!! So a few weeks ago someone contacted me about doing some birthday trains for her son’s class for his 5th birthday. I had already made one train pop successfully so I thought sure why not! Then her next statement was since I am taking them to his class they have to be “peanut free”. I thought oh okay no problem how hard can that be! Well a few moments into doing my research on the products I use to make the traditional pops I figured out that these would have to be made much differently. I realized very quickly that I could not use the melts that I use to make the pops because although they did not have peanuts in them the facility where they are made/packaged is not peanut free so there is that chance that there could be peanut dust in there or on the melts themselves. The same went for the candy writers I used to outline the original train and candy I used to decorate the train.

So, I began doing some research and found some other options for the train cake pops…turns out they wouldn't really be a true “pop” but still cute all the same. I found out there are particular brands of cakes and frosting that can be used so I stuck to that brand, he wanted chocolate so chocolate it was! I originally thought I could use just plain chocolate melts to coat the trains with, since they were peanut free, but I quickly found out that would just not work. Even though I thinned it out it was still too heavy and the trains ended up breaking off of the stick with just one side coated. So, I thought how about use the cake trains and just frost them with the peanut free frosting, find some peanut free candy to use for wheels and lights, and find a gel or something else to write the number “5” on each train to signify his 5th birthday. The mom was totally on board with the idea after I had to let her know my original idea failed. I just really wanted to make the traditional pop on a stick but didn't want to risk anything with the peanut allergy and wanted them to still look great.

Below is the finished product and I must say that they did not turn out too bad. Although it seemed like a long drawn out process just to make 20 birthday trains it was a neat learning experience and in the end I am glad that I made them work. I hope the birthday boy, his class, and his mom love them!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

College football time!

So my sister in-law requested some UGA themed cake pops last weekend and I promised her I would try some and post pics this weekend. I think the idea is very cute however the writing and outlining need a little practice and then I think they will be a hit. I also made some Vanderbilt pops as well seeing as we are in Vandy country here in Nashville. I will continue practicing but just wanted to share my first go round of these. :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

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Vegas pops!Vegas!Congrats Anna and Tommy!!
Birthday/Party PopsParty popsCupcakes!IMG_2545Fun with toppingsBrownie bites
Fun with shapes!Wedding showerWedding showerCupcakes from aboveCupcake closeupParty pops
Party pops in a potBirthday pops, first order!BIrthday pop basketBirthday Pops!Girly birthday popsHappy Birthday!

More bridal shower pics just uploaded!! Let me do your next bridal shower! :)

Vegas themed bridal shower!!

So, at work on Friday we had a surprise bridal shower for Anna!! Anna and Tommy are getting married in Las not at the little white chapel an actual we decided to surprise her. I decided to make some Vegas themed pops, dice, wedding cakes, wedding bells, tulips, and red pops. I used white cake mix with butter cream frosting for the pops themselves to try and stay with the traditional wedding cake. She was totally surprised and the pops were a hit!!