Sunday, June 10, 2012

The number 1 and Cherry Bombs

Nothing like saying I am back and then not following up on that huh???  My apologies....I am not sure if I mentioned in my other post or not but my husband and I are preparing to move to North Carolina so much of my time has been spent on getting all the moving stuff squared away as well as dealing with our place here in Tennessee being shown.  Enough with my excuses though, I have been able to spend a little bit in the kitchen continuing to make sweet treats.

I had someone ask me if I could possible do the number 1 for her daughter's first birthday the end of this month.  I thought it was a super cute idea and ran with it.  Below is what I came up with.

I then moved onto creating new flavors as I love to do currently!  I came up with the new flavor, cherry bomb.  It consists of cherry vanilla cake and I covered them in chocolate.  So so yummy!! I made some cake bites with them and are calling them Cherry Bomb cake bites.

These yummy treats are linked up here this week:

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