Monday, August 27, 2012

Breast Cancer Walk

Many of my friends and family that know me well know that I love to give back and that I love to participate in walks/runs for these awesome causes that give back.  I am taking part in the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer 5K walk here in Charlotte on October 20th.  I could not be more excited about doing this, I love the opportunity to do things for a great cause and this is one of the many that I love to support!

In the past I have walked for the general cause itself along with all the survivors and those lost to breast cancer however this year I have learned of a young woman in Colorado, through a friend of mine, who is in her second fight with breast cancer.  While this is tragic in and of itself the other thing that makes this stand out is that she is very close to my age and has so much life ahead of her.  She was the youngest case in Colorado when she was diagnosed the first time and this time it has sadly come back with a vengeance and will take all the strength and support she can get to beat this ugly thing they call cancer.  So, I not only dedicate this walk to everyone diagnosed with cancer, those that have lost their battle and those that have beat breast cancer but I also walk for J.W. in Colorado this year. 

If you would like to donate my fundraiser website is,  I am also selling tumblers that have the breast cancer ribbon and you can have your name, initials, or the word survivor on it.  The tumblers are selling for $16.90 (includes shipping) and $3 of the sales go towards my walk.  Anyone can donate and or purchase the tumbler so please feel free to pass this along to other friends and family.   I will be selling cake bites as well for the walk so stay tuned for those!

Below are some pictures of the tumbler you can purchase.  If you are interested in the tumbler just leave me a comment with an e-mail address to receive an invoice and let me know if you want your name, initials or survivor on the cup.  I will then get your information over to my friend who is making the tumblers for me and she will send you an invoice and the tumbler will be on its way to you!  The tumblers are being made by Tootie Lou Designs and just love her stuff!  If you have not checked out her stuff stop by her facebook page,!/TootieLouDesigns and let her know I sent you. :) 

Thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support my walks/runs that I do throughout the year and thank you in advance to anyone new supporting my fundraiser! Every little bit helps and means so much.


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