Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Heavenly Cake Pop Roller Review

For those of you that follow my blog you know my passion is cake pops.  When I started out my small business as I like to call it I had the awesome opportunity to intern for A to Zebra Celebrations which is owned by the fabulous Nancy Pfeifer who also owns My Party is Over.  I had just started out blogging when the opportunity came up and I thought that it was a win win for me.  I could learn from someone who has had a small business for awhile and help her out at the same time.  I have been doing work for her ever since and have loved the opportunity and to see her grow.

a to zebra

my party is over

While doing work for her she learned of my passion for cake pops and got in touch with the people at  Heavenly Cake Pop Easy Roller and somehow...I am still unsure of how it all went down but am FOREVER grateful it did..scored me a Heavenly Cake Pop Easy Roller. 

Photo property of Heavenly Cake Pops
This all occurred while we were relocating to Charlotte, NC so it has not only taken me longer to be able to use it but longer for me to write this review and to HCP and Nancy, I am truly really sorry.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. And I really was expecting to be using it from the get go like the day after I got it however LIFE happened and well I had to take care of "other" things other than by business for awhile, to be honest I am still trying to find a good balance but I have it something working now so I will stick with it. :)

When I started out I used to hand roll each cake pop by hand, while time consuming this was the only way as a new business I could do this, I just could not afford to purchase a Heavenly Cake Pop Easy Roller but I must say I looked at many many many times. This device is so awesome!  I can make a dozen order in no time with this roller.  It has really cut down on my time in the kitchen rolling them out and given me more time to the FUN part which is decorating! It did take some time to learn how to use it properly.  When you get the kit you not only get the roller itself but you have frame pieces as well.  That was the trickiest part for me was figuring out the "thickness" of my dough and rolling it out in the frames.  I must say that the Heavenly Cake pop people and the YouTube video below were a HUGE help!!

If you have large orders of cake pops or bites for that matter that you are doing then I would definitely invest in it!  It is a HUGE HUGE time saver.  They  even sell other inserts to make other sizes and shapes.  Stop by and check out their products you will NOT be disappointed!

A HUGE thank you to Heavenly Cake Pops for allowing Nancy to snag one of these to me and to none other than Nancy from A to Zebra Celebrations and My Party is Over for sticking her neck out for me and getting me this awesome roller!


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  1. Hi there! I'm thinking of buying one for myself and was wondering if the pops comes out perfectly round ones or I still have to smooth it out? Thanks!