Monday, January 16, 2012


So the giveaway at Creative Juice and Mom to Mom Boutique are up and open and my pops are part of them both!! I checked the Creative Juice blog at  and was beyond ecstatic to see my pops there with everyone else's talented work. Seriously you would have thought I won  money based on the HUGE smile I had on my face. It is amazing how many likes my Facebook page has received in the last 24 hours and wonderful sweet comments. It really is humbling that others like my creative sweet treats. I am also part of an auction at the Mom to Mom Boutique Facebook page.

 Also today, the website that I am doing advertising for, introduced the team so a pic and a little about me is posted along with the other beautiful talented women that contribute to the website.

2012 is really starting off great for The Sweet Life that I hope it continues and bleeds into other areas of my life.  :)

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