Friday, January 27, 2012

What a week!!

I never imagined that in one week my Facebook "likes" would go from almost 50 to 136!!  I of course did not get here on my own, I must give credit to some very gracious people/businesses.  It all began when I signed on with Creative Juice to participate in my very first giveaway!  Mindy was so gracious to allow me to participate and feature my cake pops, if you haven't been to her blog or Facebook page stop b you will be a fan forever!!  From there I decided that was kind of fun so I joined in on a giveaway and auction on Mom To Mom Boutique which went great,!! Again you should really check out her stuff on her Facebook page, super cute! The giveaway pops are on the way to the lucky recipient and I hope that they enjoy them! From there I just could not stop so I signed up for another giveaway on Facebook  at My 4 Girls Creations  which ends the end of this month so head on over and enter if you have not done so already! All of this of course goes without saying that it has also sparked other interest in my treats and I could not be happier!! I love getting in the kitchen and creating yummy masterpieces that look just too good to eat.  I still have a lot to learn but am gracious that these ladies as well as others that I have come in contact with over the week have given me a chance to show off my sweet treats. I hope that this trend continues.  I will be making more pops this weekend and posting pics so stay tuned!

Pops that were in the auction at Mom To Mom Boutique
Giveaway pops at  Mom To Mom Boutique

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