Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cake Pops!

Since getting the cake pop book written by Bakerella I have been hooked on making these yummy and oh so cute treats! I have been trying out all different flavors of cake from lemon, orange, butter pecan, and coconut just to name a few. So far my husband has not tried a cake pop he has not liked, his favorites so far are coconut and chocolate cake pop with peanut butter coating. Since I have been having so much fun making these I decided to start this blog and let anyone who would like to join me on my journey of cake pops and other sweet treats to do so. I hope to start sending cake pops to family and friends in the fall and then who knows where this might go! Here is a pictures of a birthday cake pop arrangement, the birthday girl is pregnant so we couldn't go with wine so what better than cake pops in a cute reusable pot!

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