Sunday, July 17, 2011

What a cake pop weekend!!

So, I got totally excited when I found out that there is a bakery store near my house! I had to get to it this weekend so I went on Saturday and I was in heaven!! I have been having some issues with the Wilton brand candy melts that are easily found at Michaels and had read on websites and other blogs to try the Merkens brand and you will never go back. So, this was first on my list upon walking into the bakery store and sure enough they had some and cheaper than I had been able to find other places locally. They also had the candy writer pens I needed so I can write and do other designs on the pops. Mainly I wanted these because I need to start practicing drawing baby feet to do some pops for a baby boy and baby girl for friends. After spending an hour there in amazement and trying not to buy the whole store I headed home and began the cake pop fun!

This weekend I made butter fudge cake and coated them with peanut butter candy melts and chocolate. I was really pleased with the way the Merkens candy melts turned out so I will likely continue to use them. I practiced the baby feet and I can do a right foot really well just need to practice that left one. :) I even tried to make some dice for an upcoming celebration for someone and they turned out really cute. I also tried my hand and drizzling the peanut butter on the chocolate ones to give a grown up different look to them. I think they all turned out pretty decent and my hubby says they are yummy so I hope all my taste testers are ready!!


  1. oh i'm ready! bring on the taste testing!

  2. As soon as fall and some cooler weather come Shelly I will send you some for sure!!!