Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chickens & Tennessee Grasshoppers

It was a busy weekend in my "office" but very productive! This weekend I made chickens for the first time and I must say I think the turned our pretty darn cute! The chickens are butter yellow cake mix with vanilla frosting with a super white candy melt coating. They were not that difficult to decorate just had to do it in steps. I also made what I am calling Tennessee Grasshopper cake pops, oreo truffles dipped in mint candy melts. I have not tasted one of them yet but my husband has and said they are delicious, rich but oh so yummy! I even topped some with crushed up oreos. I bought some mini cookie cutters so I also tried them out with the chicken batch and while I didn't decorate them as I was just testing the cutters out themselves they didn't turn out too bad. Of course they would look better if I had decorated them but I will save that for next time perhaps. Hope my taste testers are ready!!

I have one more cake that just came out of the oven so stay tuned for yet another update from a busy weekend in my "office"!! :)

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