Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Very Purple Birthday

Allie is turning 5!! No Allie is not my daughter but is my dear friend Ashley's daughter.  Allie LOVES purple and so Ashley contacted me last week to see about making some basic white cake with vanilla frosting cake pops dipped and decorated in purple.  I get so excited not only when people place orders in general but for kids birthdays in general. I might more excited than the kids actually, ha ha! :) I started last night in baking the cake and forming it.  They will be dipped and decorated over the weekend and ready to ship out on Monday to the birthday girl! :)  I must say I cannot believe that she is 5 already, it has not been an easy 5 years for Allie or her mom but I know her mom would not trade anything in the world for her little Allie. Happy Birthday Allie!!

Cake being made in my awesome mixer!

Cake done and ready to bake. LOVE my silicone bake ware! 
Cake has been crumbled and mixed with frosting.
Formed and ready to dip and decorate!
Purple supplies! :)

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